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One of Personal Trainer in NYC Terri Walsh's clients shares their experiences throughout the process of getting in shape and tackling their fitness goals.


July 18

Today Terri kicked my butt like usual. She had me doing some intense boxing. My arms were killing me half way through.Terri kept pushing me though. Shadow boxing followed by boxing with gloves.Oh I am gonna hurt tomorrow.But I am glad. I know that without Terri I wouldn't push my body to the max. I like the fact that she keeps my body guessing so I can see what I am capable of. It is very empowering. Plus it keeps my body advancing. I never thought I would look and feel so good.Lately I have noticed muscleI have never seen. It is a great feeling. But I know it takes work and dedication on my part along with Terri's voice barking in my ear..haha! I am excited to see what Terri has me doing in the future and to see how much more my body is capable of.


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