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July 25

So Terri nearly killed me yesterday as usual. Funny isn't how we pay for pain. Hmm not a bad job for Terri I wouldn't think. I mean what a great way to vent your stress, make your clients work. Haha. No, I know that the pain I go through is all good. Hell no pain, no game right. Plus I think if Terri really used her gym to vent her stress none of us would be able to walk out. Good thing she doesn't because where in the hell would she get all those wheelchairs she would need. Anyway even though somedays I feel like I may want to hit her or tell her what I think of that next set of pushups, I remember nothing in life comes easy. You have to work to get what you want. I figure I want to be fit and healthy. That doesn't come by sitting on my ass and eating donuts. It comes by sweating and pain. "You have to be uncomfotable" as Terri says. And she is right. And even though Terri says we don't pay her for entertainment, she still provides it in some ways. The whole session makes sense when she says "Good job today." It makes me realize I am strong and capable. Its a great feeling. Plus the Terri's occassional comments about life and current events put a slight smile on my face. Even though I still like to think of her space as her torture chamber.


At 2:16 PM, Blogger Personal Trainer NYC :: TW Training NYC said...

You're right my job ROCKS. But I relieve my stress by working out, and /or directing my energy into something positive. So that way even if I feel crappy, something good is likely to come out of even THAT somehow :)

Adapting to, getting comfortable in, and making uncomfortable situations work FOR you is crucial to life in NYC, don't you think?


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