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June 30

I had a yoga session today with Terri. It was nice to have something different but I have found yoga isnt really my thing. With all exercise, I enjoy activities that feel like I am getting results from. I love my arms and legs days with Terri because I can feel the burn and I feel sore the next day. I know Terri says that you dont have to be hurting everytime you exercise to get results. I can understand that but for me to enjoy exercise I have to feel like I am doing something that is improving my body and I like tp physically feel that. I know everyone has different attitudes towards exercise and some activities work for some and not others. I think I have found what I enjoy, I just need to explore what I can do in that area more.


At 1:03 PM, Blogger Personal Trainer NYC :: TW Training NYC said...

There's only so much you can do while healing from a stress fracture :) A yoga session can actually be designed to restore & heal. Pushing yourself while injured can lead to further injury as well as too much stress on other areas of the body that may not be accustomed to assuming the extra stress ;)

Luckily, you're getting what you're paying me for, ummmm, like it or not ? lololol.


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