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One of Personal Trainer in NYC Terri Walsh's clients shares their experiences throughout the process of getting in shape and tackling their fitness goals.


April 27

So I think Terri was trying to kill me today.I had been on vacation for 2 weeks and I think she wanted to make sure I made up for all my lost time. My legs feel like jello. I am pretty sure tomorrow I wont be able to walk or sit. I wonder if it is possible to just stand and lay all day?! Well what is the saying beauty is pain. Atleast I can thank her for making me look damn good in my swimsuit.


April 25

I just finished my 10th session with Terri and cant wait to start my next 10. Despite how tired I am when I get to her studio in the morning, she always finds a way to get my butt from dragging in to feeling like steel in no time. She has changed my arms from looking like twigs to actually being able to see definition in them. The changes I have seen after 10 sessions is so amazing I cant wait to see the changes to come.

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