Personal Trainer NYC - ClientD

One of Personal Trainer in NYC Terri Walsh's clients shares their experiences throughout the process of getting in shape and tackling their fitness goals.


May 27

I did my yoga session with Terri which was much needed. Something im my body felt "out of whack" so Terri twisted me into a pretzel and strange enough I felt like a million bucks when I left. Terri showed me how tight my hips and glutes were by putting me in a yoga position that really stretched them out. It is amazing where we hold our tension and how it can make us feel like crap some days. First getting into the positions was very painful but once my body eased into them and I breathed into my muscles it felt great. I felt like I was walking on air when I left and I cant believe the difference. I am used to thinking that I have to be lifting weights or doing pushups to be getting a good workout. But Terri showed me that there are some complex yoga moves that can make your muscles do thing you never knew they were capable of. I love that Terri keeps me guessing. It helps so I dont get too comfortable with my workouts so that I stop seeing and feeling results. I never know what to expect when I show up at her studio.


May 22

My session with Terri today flew by like most of them have been lately. I can really see and feel the difference in my body. I actually crave working out. She is tough dont get me wrong, but tough in the way that makes you realize what you are capable of. Besides working out my arms, Terri really made me think today. She made me realize that it doesnt matter in the end what this person or that person thinks of you.What really matters is that you are happy with yourself. I realized I am not working so hard on my body to just look good in a pair of jeans. It is the feeling of power and confidence I get from seeing what my body is capable of that I love. I have never felt this way before. Terri doesnt sugar coat anything. At first that was hard for me to deal with. I saw her more as a drill sageant then a trainer. But now I see why she doesnt put up with bullshit. Why? Because bullshit doesnt get you anywhere. Believe me I still want to curse her out when she sees I am getting too comfortable on the bike. But I thank her for more then making me do all those situps.


May 18

Really enjoying my combo arms and legs series with Terri this week. It is a great change. I can really see how strong I have become working with Terri.


may 16

I had a wonderful workout with terri today. Realized how far I have come since I started with her. I love the muscle I have built and cant wait to see the difference to come.


May 12

This week Terri really gave me a great arm workout. I could really feel the burn. I love the new definition I have in my arms. It is something I have never had before!


may 4

Today I tried boxing for he first time. Never realized it was such a workout. I could really feel my abs working. Also what an amazing feeling one gets punching away. Great stress reliever!


May 2

Today Terri really worked with me on the power of the mind. I was amazed at how working out has a lot to do with what you think you are capable of. She pushed me to keep my mind in a "happy place" as she called it. By finding that place I realized I was capable of a very hard bike climb and also more squats then I knew my legs could handle without falling off. I now feel stronger physically and mentally.