Personal Trainer NYC - ClientD

One of Personal Trainer in NYC Terri Walsh's clients shares their experiences throughout the process of getting in shape and tackling their fitness goals.


June 27

So this is my first day back from almost a 2 week break from Terri. WOW does my body feel out of whack. The jet lag from traveling and not working out really take a toll on your body. It felt good to get back in the swing of things. I was suprised I could still keep up with lifting on my arms today. My body feels so sluggish when I dont work out. It makes me want to continue working out and staying healthy. I've realized after this break how far I have come and I dont want to go back.


June 13

Had a great boxing training session with Terri today. My abs were killing me from yesterday but I sucked it up. Those push ups do more damage then one imagines on the abs. WOW! Painful but worth it. I like the boxing because I feel like it is a stress reliever. And being a woman it is the exact opposite of what we are taught. We are taught not to hit or be aggressive. Terri is an amazing instructor though. She teaches you not to just hit the bag but to connect your whole body to use all the muscles. It makes a huge difference. It really works your abs, arms, butt and legs. I never knew it was such a great workout. Now I know why Hillary looked so good in million dollar baby.


June 12

Today I did both arms and legs with Terri and it was a nice change. I wasnt expecting the combo. It was very hard work. My body isnt used to doing both on the same day so it really put my muscles to the test. I was able to do 30 straight leg push ups which is a huge for me. I am so proud. Terri let me enjoy that moment but quickly followed it with a crazy routine of dips, chest press, step ups, crunches, and lats. I was dying when I left but time well spent I have to admit. I would say now only 90% of the time do I want to strangle her when I am there. I enjoy 10% just because its summer and I like knowing I feel like dying because I will look good in a bikini.


June 1

I was measured today after training for 2 months with Terri and I was amazed. I lost 3 inches and 3% body fat. I am so happy with my results. All that hard work and all those dirty looks at Terri because I wanted to hit her for making me in so much pain, paid off. YEAH!!! Well ok I am happy but I realize that to stay like this the work has to continue and there will be more and more days of me wanting to put Terri in pain. Thank God she is so tough because I otherwise may lunge at her by accident during my lovely sets of lounges. I know she can hold her own. That is probably why I just listen to her when she tells me do 5 more. I figure i'm atleast getting orders from a pro. And now I have these wonderful results to be proud of. I am interested to see how the training continues.