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One of Personal Trainer in NYC Terri Walsh's clients shares their experiences throughout the process of getting in shape and tackling their fitness goals.


August 7

So I got the "are you crazy" look today from Terri. I know some of you have seen it before. Ok Ok so it was well deserved. Maybe I was a little off today. And my claims about what I needed to work on were a bit out there. But hey some of us are our biggest critics. And living in a city with beautiful size 0 women everywhere you turn doesn't make it easier. It's hard not to strive to be perfect in a city like this. But Terri's look made me have a reality check. I am in good shape. I don't need to lose weight. I may not be a size 0 but I am a good 2/4. And I have muscle. Im not some waif that is gonna be pushed over by a gust of wind. I can hold me own and I like the feeling of power I have. Hell I can do more in a workout with Terri then I ever imagined. Some of the women I know wouldn't last 10 min with Terri. Workouts with Terri have made my body tighter and stronger. I am in the best shape I have ever been in. I know it is normal to get caught up in fashion mags and and models. But we must remember what are bodies really are for. They are to support us thru everyday. They are to be healthy and for women they are programed to be healthy to reproduce. So no matter how hard we try to be model thin, our bodies really will work their hardest to fight against us. So why not work with your body and be healthy and workout and gain muscle. And hell a little jiggle in the thighs isnt so bad.